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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Third Crusade: The Battle of Jaffa, 1192

The Third Crusade: The Battle of Jaffa Podcast on Soundcloud

After his decision not to attack Jerusalem, Richard the Lionheart returns to Acre to prepare for an assault on Beirut. But Saladin, badly losing the war, takes this opportunity to try and turn things around by seizing Jaffa. Richard immediately boards a ship and heads for Jaffa, prepared to fight Saladin with everything he's got. Join J Stephen Roberts, Rand Brown, Dr. Helena Schrader, and Dr. Stephen Donnachie for this fascinating discussion of the final military engagement of the Third Crusade!

The Third Crusade: Results and Impact

In the second segment of our final episode of the Third Crusade podcast, J Stephen Roberts is joined by historians Dr. Helena Schrader and Dr. Stephen Donnachie to discuss the results and impact of the Third Crusade. How did the Crusade change the West, the East, and how did the figures of Richard and Saladin come to loom so large in history?